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Halcyon Bank & Trust is a member of global private banking group EFG International. It offers a full range of private banking and asset management services to private and institutional clients.Drawing on its cultural diversity and local knowledge, augmented by the global expertise of its parent company, and interconnection of the group entities,First Finance Bank offers fully customized solutions to its clients.


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Banking has never been so satisfying like banking with Halcyon Bank & Trust,they are the best.

John Doe

Finance Bank Ltd.

I enjoy banking with Halcyon Bank & Trust because of there state of the art banking security technology.

Alvin Goodman

Finance Bank Ltd.

Halcyon Bank & Trust is best in private banking,they treat you like a royal and make you feel so comfortable banking.

Christine Harris

Finance Bank Ltd.

Why Choose Us?

At Halcyon Bank & Trust we treat all our customers like Royals,serving you comfortably is our prime aim,we offer the best private banking services in the whole world.

Private banking at Halcyon Bank & Trust  is the best decision you can take in your lifetime, we provide you with wide variety of banking services that are world-class.

We have various investments in oil,minerals and more,we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in diverse profitable fields that we are already have successes in investing.

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